I Had the Strangest Dream about CBD oils…

I had the strangest, most vivid dream last night. I woke up sweating with tears in my eyes.

I was attending a wedding of a childhood friend of mine with my mom. She just announced her engagement (in real life) a week or so ago, so I went to this wedding expecting something thrown together last minute. As we sat in the church waiting for it to begin, I was admiring all the amazingly beautiful decorations.  Everything was made out of tissue paper, but the intricacy of everything was amazing. The garland on the pews was fashioned out of vintage shades, and the details were so precise it looked like it had been die-cut.  The wedding party came down the aisle in a choreographed dance to a song by my favorite band. The song seemed weird for a wedding, but something strange made it all fit together perfectly. Most of the bridesmaids wore peach lacy dresses,  but a few were in a pretty green color. I had never seen the dresses before, but they were exactly what I had wanted for my bridesmaids when I was planning the wedding of my broken engagement.  I started crying when I heard the song and saw the dresses, and my mom asked me what was wrong. I told her this was the exact wedding I had wanted but feared I would never have.  She sat there consoling me while the bride walked down the aisle in my dream gown. I couldn’t stop crying as I watched the wedding of my dreams unfold in front of me.  It was like she had picked all the ideas out of my head and brought them to life. At that moment, I don’t know if I was envious or mad. My dreams have been really strange lately, I wonder if it has to do anything with not getting enough sleep, you should definitely check if you getting enough sleep. Most of the time indigestion can lead to an insufficient rest, try out biofit probiotic.

After the ceremony, we were led to an enormous historic building. Inside was like a museum, with different things to look at behind every door.  The only way I can think to describe the décor is something like the Titanic.  It was ritzy in a sophisticated but not over-done sort of way. My mom and I walked into the first room, and it was filled with bicycles made to look like anything you could imagine. Large, detailed birds with flowing tail feathers, vintage cars, buggies, and hot air balloons all made into bicycles that various guests were riding around this enormous room. My mom and I wandered the room looking at everything, but I continued to cry the entire time.

The next door we walked through led us into a field of clovers and tiny white poppies. Shelves were set up all over the field, and on them were hundreds of kites. Again, the kites were made to look like all different types of objects. All around the field people were running around flying the kites, each one different. There were children sitting in the field picking flowers and playing Ring Around the Rosie, others ran around admiring the kites and pointing to the sky. I picked a kite off the shelf that looked like a large bunch of balloons and tried to fly it.  As soon as the kite took flight, the string broke and the dozens of balloons took off across the sky, twirling around the other guests kites.  I left this room too, feeling worse than before.

The third room we walked into was dimly lit. The Flooring was white and felt like cotton under my feet, and piles of shoes lay directly inside the door. Shelves were arranged in aisles, and upon them were enormous pillows, all in the shapes of Beanie Babies, just like the ones I use to collect when I was younger. I walked up and down the aisles with my mom, pointing out all the ones I recognized, pulling some off to examine them better. At the end of each aisle there were guests lounging on the pillows, some fast asleep. The room was so quiet it made me nervous, so we left soon after we came in. Check out these carbofix reviews for a placid rest.

My mom and I wandered further around the enormous building, but I don’t remember if we went into any more rooms. As we roamed, the building began to turn into a rolling plain. Soon we were standing outside surrounded by huge hills.  The guests out here with playing with huge tissue paper contraptions that looked like hollow boxes.  People would stand inside the tissue paper box and roll down the enormous hills, racing to the bottom.  As I stood there and watched waiting for my turn, the sky began to turn dark. As soon as I started my turn down the first hill, rain started falling, dissolving my tissue paper ride, leaving me tumbling out onto the ground in a heap of soggy paper. When the sky cleared, the soggy mounds were gone and tissue paper decorations were strewn from midair. Paper lanterns appeared and lit a path to a large white tent with high peaks, almost like a circus tent, and the crowd began to follow the path down the hills to the giant tent. By this time I couldn’t take anymore. I was so upset that I had to leave.  I started fighting the crowd, moving against the flow of traffic, but every person I passed seemed to be wearing a more gorgeous dress than the one before, each in a shade that I had once considered for my own wedding. Out of frustration, I started running back to the enormous building I had came from. When I got inside, everything seemed turned around, and I didn’t know how to get out.  All the doors to the rooms I had previously been through were locked, and the hallway seemed to never end. As I stood in the hallway out of breath and crying, I felt a breath in my ear and a familiar voice whispered, “This could have been us.” I whipped around to face them, but that’s the moment I woke up.

It has been so hard to get some sleep this days, I’m just afraid of my nightmares and anxious for my dreams, had to start a CBD oils therapy with products from KarmaCBDOils to calm my self to sleep, so I got help with a massage and this oils relax me and take the anxiety away, definitely is a great product for everyone trying to have a good night sleep, I really recommended and it actually has help me have my body feel healthier and strong during the day.

I’ve always felt that dreams mean something, but I refuse to take the time to analyze this one. I think deep down, I already know what it means.

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